ATHOS Driving School: About Us


Registered as a driver training school under The Drivers and Vehicles Act.

ATHOS Driving School was founded by Petar Momic, a licensed practicing teacher. Having taught all age groups/grade levels as well as adults Mr. Momic decided to join his two passions together; driving and teaching. Having a clean and safe driving record that is over a decade long as well as being able to speak more than English; lessons are both enjoyable and practical.

The patrons that take driving lessons range anywhere from 16- senior +. Instruction is done in a safe and welcoming environment. Commentary driving is done both by student and instructor at all time. An evaluation is presented after every lesson.

Instructor has experience teaching new comers/ English as a second language patrons.

Lessons available in:

  • English

  • Serbo-Croatian


Our Services

    Lessons for First Time Drivers

    Refresher Lessons prior to road test.

  • Parallel parking in 2-3 steps

  • Residential driving

  • City/highway driving

  • Defensive driving techniques

  • Available I-shift control lessons (changing gears manually)

The Vehicle

  • Compact 4×4 SUV that is ideal for Winnipeg roads as well as parking.

  • Dual Break and Gas pedals for additional safety.

  • Rear view camera for additional safety.

  • Non- smoking, clean, air conditioned cabin.

  • 10 INCHES SMALLER in length then a Honda Civic.

  • Reflective sign on the rear of the car that is visible at night ‘TRAINING VEHICLE’

  • Automatic transmission with I-shift controls.



1 Hour Lesson – $55.00

3 Lesson Package – $160.00 ($53.33 per hour)

4 Lesson Package – $210.00 ($52.50 per hour)


1.5 Hour Lesson – $75.00

3 Lesson Package – $220.00 ($48.88 per hour)

4 Lesson Package – $280.00 ($46.67 per hour)


2 Hour Lesson – $100.00


Parallel Parking Lesson $50.00 (1 hour session that goes over all the steps involved to successfully parallel park)

Road Test Vehicle Use $65.00 (Picking you up 30 minutes prior, the use of the vehicle for the road test, drop off at the end)

Road Test Package $100.00 (comes with 1 hour of mock test practice, use of a vehicle for the road test, pick up and drop off)

Payment to be done in cash, e-transfer, or cheque at the beginning of the first lesson.


NOTE: Conditions may apply.